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Garena Free Fire: Expect a Series of Updates, Additions, and a Brand New AK Skin

With Halloween just around the bend, game developers are getting ready to release spooky updates and additions to get into the festival’s feeling. Garena Free Fire is also setting up several brand new additions and new content to help players enjoy Halloween to the fullest.

The new updates also pack a few new things, including a brand-new pet. 

October 23rd to October 29th – Halloween Party Web Event

Garena Free Fire​ is set to host a web event that will have many ‘spooky festivities’ and give players the possibility to earn numerous awards, including pumpkin attires and bandanas. The developers did not reveal anything more about the event.

October 22nd to November 2nd – New Pet, Rockie

The week will also come with the possibility of getting a new pet, Rockie, who is a red panda. His skill decreases players’ active skill cooldown, so he may be of use to those who like to use a character with an active skill. To get him, players will need to have at least one Diamond in their account.

Rockie, the new pet. [Image Source: Garena Free fire]

October 25th to October 31st – Reddit Creepypasta Contest

Garena Free Fire​ developers have also revealed a competition where players and readers are required to send in personally created creepypastas on a certain Reddit thread. Anyone can submit their creation, but the story should include an element of Garena Free Fire​.

This means players can use skins, weapons, or characters. For a bit of background, creepypasta is a short horror story found online. Developers plan on unveiling more details about the competition soon.

Also, players can expect numerous other things in Garena Free Fire​, such as the return of Cold Steel mode, a new Weapon Royale, and a brand new weapon called Blue Frame Draco.

An Upgradeable Skin

Garena Free Fire​ developers are also looking to take their gun skins to a whole new level, as they recently announced via a cinematic teaser on YouTube. They were already doing a great thing with the existing weapon skins, but with the upcoming Blue Flame Draco AK skins, the developers are exceeding players’ expectations.

Garena Free Fire is looking to take their existing gun skins to a whole new legendary level, as the gaming studio recently teased with the cinematic released on the YouTube Channel.

The New Blue Flame Draco AK Skin

The developers are about to release the most powerful and realistic AK skin to ever enter Garena Free Fire​. As already confirmed, the addition will be upgradable; therefore, it is expected to offer players a better visual effect on the weapon. These upgrades will not be free, but players will need to earn Dragon Scale tokens and then use them to upgrade the skin.

In addition, the gun also has an exclusive emote, an exclusive kill animation, and more features, all of which will be announced as the Blue Flame Draco skin makes its way into the title’s items store.

Rumors have it that the skin is rather expensive, as it has one of the best statistics and visual effects, making it unique compared to other skins in the game. Numerous content creators already have access to the skin, as per their reports.

Developers have confirmed the release date of the Blue Flame Draco AK skin​ to be on October 25th. The addition looks extremely good, making the rounds shine in a glowing blue flame at higher levels.


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