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Garena Free Fire: Complete Winterlands Mode’s ‘Treat your Panda’ for Rewards

Garena Free Fire is among the best-designed survival shooter games out there. The title’s Winterlands event has just been released for the gamers and is now live on all servers.​ During a preset time of ten minutes, the story places players on a remote island where they have to fight for their lives while fighting against 49 other gamers, all trying to remain the last one up.

The game allows players to choose their starting point by landing there attached to a parachute. It also provides them with vehicles that enable them to explore the wide map, hide in trenches, or become almost impossible to be seen by lying on the ground.

The brand new added event dubbed Winterlands comes with a special game mode, all-new and limited-time skins, as well as exclusive rewards for everyone playing the game. One of the most impressive attractions of the new addition is the ‘Treat your Panda’ challenge and completing the tasks available to earn bonus rewards.

Treat your Panda in the Winterlands Mode

Players can head to the ‘Treat your Panda’ event page by selecting the option with the same name on the home screen. The primary target of the challenge is to feed the Panda various food products to be accessed in the game. Each of these products cost three tokens or 2,000 coins. Tokens can be gotten by completing tasks in the Winterlands event, and gold can be earned by playing the regular game.

Every time players feed the Panda, it will gain some weight, while they will be rewarded with an exclusive gift. The rewards are not rigid but depend on the food players feed the Panda with. The maximum weight limit of the animal is 100 kilograms; therefore, it cannot be fed past that limit.

The ‘Treat your Panda’ event will come to a halt on December 29th, together with the majority of the events in the Winterlands mode.


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