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Garena Free Fire: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous battle royale games available on mobile platforms. The title has gathered a massive player base, boasting more than 450 million downloads and over 50 million active players per day.

In order to master the game, payers must take into account correct actions from the beginning of the title, so they avoid making common mistakes. Therefore, we listed a few to help players stop making them while playing Free Fire.

Playing With No Headphones

One of the most general mistakes players usually make, is playing the title with no earphones/headphones. Garena’s Free Fire is a battle royale game, and fighting is no the only skill needed in the title in order to win. A good pair of earphones or headphones will help you hear even the faintest sound, such as the footsteps of the opponent. It also notifies you of vehicles and any sort of action performed close by.

Standing Still While Shooting or Looting

Standing still while performing these tasks is a bad idea and can be the very reason why you die in the game. Moving all the time is the main element of every battle royale game, and Free Fire is no different.

You become an easy target by standing still, which will result in your elimination. Either change positions or make random movements, it is important never to stay still.

Reloading at the Wrong Time or Waiting for Reload

Even though it is best to reload weapons any time it is possible, reloading it during combat can lead to your death. Moreover, waiting to the end to reload the weapon can leave you without ammo during battles.

Best is to reload while out of the fight or ensure that you have a cover when reloading.


Observe your play style and loot as per requirements. A player is at its weakest point while looting, therefore, greeding over an extra loot is never a good idea. Take exactly what you need and manage your resources well, so you don’t lack any while far advanced into the game.

Steadily Changing Grips

There are various methods in which a gamer can hold the mobile phone while playing. Thumb grip, four-finger claw, six-finger claw are some of the most popular grips at the moment. Even though each of them comes with its own benefits, it is best to stick to one grip. Constantly changing it will make you a gofer and a master of none.

In addition, attaining the top ranks in Free Fire takes both practice and experience. The title has a massive player base; therefore, there is almost no room for error. Use the practice mode in the game to develop skills and win battles.


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