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Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds: Best Tricks to Survive

Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds is that survival game that’s available now for mobile phones. When you decide to try the game, you become one of the players who have enjoyed a battle for the chance of survival.

The rules of the game let you search for a specific position, and collect the supplies that you think you need to survive – weapons, medical equipment, anything really. But don’t forget that there’s always an easy way out tips and tricks. We are here to give you the best ones for this game.

Make sure you use the minimap

This will get you your win. The minimap is a vital thing to have – it will come in handy when you need to check the safe zones or the dangerous ones.

You can hear gunshot fires, but if you do not have the map, then you cannot find out which is their direction. If you know where the shots are coming from, you can either choose to find shelter or to attack. This trick helps you a lot because you can even kill two enemies at once.

Make sure you choose an isolated location

This one is another excellent strategy. The dropping point is crucial for your survival. Make sure you always drop near cities or towns. Keep in mind that the location should be isolated, but make sure that you still have access to medical kits, ammo, weapons, and any kind of equipment. If so, it will keep you safe. Also, remind yourself that you need to drop near outskirts of a city – this way you won’t get shot by your enemies.

 Make sure you always take cover

Keep in mind that there’s still a sniper that can target you. Make sure you don’t expose yourself. When you have to travel, you either take cover or sprint your way there. Don’t go to open fields. See where there’s cover and get there as soon as possible. Also, consider grass and trees as a hiding place.

 Make sure you watch the safety zone

Where there’s a white circle, there’s a safe zone. When there’s a new white ring appearing on the map, it means that the area is shrinking. Keep an eye on the timer, because it tells you how much time you have left before it starts shrinking. Go to that safety zone, but be careful. Campers are out there, and they want you dead.

Make sure you have the right equipment

You fight for your survival. You are struggling with danger from every angle. You need to have the best gear. Defending yourself is vital – you need medical kits, a body vest, and helmets. If you need to attack, you also need the right weapons.

You will need higher bags for keeping your things. The vest and the helmet will come in handy when it comes to the defending from the sniper’s bullets. Make sure you go for the items’ max versions for the best protection you can get in the game.


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