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Galaxy S11 Design Unveils Amazing Display

There’a new leak regarding the much-awaited Galaxy S11 device. So far, Samsung’s smartphone has been leaking info hinting at the substance, smarts, and some potentially mind-blowing upgrades, according to the latest rep[prots coming from Forbes.

It’s been revealed that the newest leak confirms exactly the elements that will be catching everyone’s attention, and this involves enormous style.

Samsung Galaxy S11 will have no bezels 

The website mentions the really prolific Samsung insider known as Ice Universe who reveals something that it’s called the “final version” of the Galaxy S11 display after getting a cover used as a reference for accessory makers to produce screen protectors.

The massive surprise that might come as a shock is the fact that the device has no bezels at all.

It seems that the only minus that this final version has is the fact that it’s been reportedly confirmed that the phone will still have a hole punch for the camera.

While punch displays are not the best choices out there, it’s also worth noting the fact that they avoid the delicate motors which power pop-up cameras – the ones that have been used so far by rivals.

Forbes author Gorgon Kelly writes in his article that this amazing display looks like it’s the finishing touch on a really impressive device.

The device will incorporate a massive fingerprint sensor 

“Galaxy S11 display will run at a buttery smooth 120Hz display and incorporate a supersized fingerprint sensor,” Gordon noted.

He continued and also pointed out to the fact that “The camera has also been completely overhauled with an eye-popping resolution and 5x optical zoom and the batteries significantly enlarged because 5G will come as standard.”

The downside of this device will probably be the fact that 3ew can get ready to wave goodbye to the headphone jack.


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