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From Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME at a cost

Pokemon HOME is a cloud-based service that acts as a storage for caught Pokemons. It replaces the Pokemon Bank, sort of. However, if real Pokemon trainers are very adamant in completing their Pokedexes, they need Pokemon HOME. The cloud service also offers them freebies. But, the situation is different if you are a simple Pokemon GO player. It means you are not eligible to use the could service for free.

Transfers from Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME requires PokeCoins

Pokemon GO players are not entitled to the Pokemon HOME for free. They will need to pay in PokeCoins in order to transfer their best monstrous. However, the claim doesn’t specify how much the players have to pay for the transfer. Nevertheless, the news is not taken very well. Pokemon transfer from GO to Home will occur later this year, which means we will find out more soon.

However, the whole transfer deal also comes with big rewards. Players can get the Gigantamax Melmetal for the first-time transfer of any Pokemon. The deal benefits Pokemon Sword and Shield players as well. They will no longer have to farm special mushrooms to facilitate the transformation to Melmetal. Sword and Shield will get Gigantamax Melmetal as part of The Tundra Crown DLC. 

Shiny Meltan event

The shiny Meltan is still on the loose. Pokemon GO players should keep their app running in order to catch one. The shiny Melta is the previous form of Melmetal. Therefore, having both in the future sounds like a nice catch.

After transferring a monster successfully, Pokemon Home will generate cooldowns. This means the players will be unable to use the service until the time expires. Besides the whole PokeCoins charging, this is another downside. However, you can use PokeCoins in order to reduce the cooldown. We currently don’t know how long the cooldowns are and how much it costs to reduce the time. 


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