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Free Fire OB22 Update to Feature New Gun, New Lobby and New Character

The OB22 update for the popular Garena Free Fire is expected to be released soon, with the Advance Server being available for download starting with May 20th of 2020. Now, new leaks of the upcoming update have surfaced on the web, seemingly suggesting that the next major update will feature a new character, a new sniper gun, as well as a new lobby.

The launch date of the OB22 has not been officially confirmed as of yet. However, here are all the details of the leaked additions expected to come to the game.

Leaked Free Fire OB22 Update Features

A New Gun

According to the leak, a brand new M82B gun is to be expected with the forthcoming update for Free Fire. The weapon is a sniper gun, and will be accessible in classic matches; moreover, it will not spawn on the map but will be available through an airdrop.

In addition, the new M82B gun will provide players with higher damage levels when compared to the other snipers like Kar98. The weapon will also give you huge advantages in big maps, such as Kalahari, where it is rather challenging to spot rivals.

The new M82B gun in Garena Free Fire [Image: Garena Free Fire]

A New Lobby

The lobby in the OB22 update is said to be entirely inspired by the summer and will be themed accordingly. Every year in the summer, Garena Free Fire developers introduce a summer theme and a summer event as well.

A New Character

As per the leak, Elite Maxim is a new character that will come to the game in the OB22 update. The new addition was actually teased by the developers during the official Advance Server announcement.

The new character is the ‘elite’ version of Maxim and has been previously featured in Elite Kelly’s trailer. The ability with which Elite Maxim will come is not known yet, but it will definitely not match the ability of the regular Maxim character.

Which of those additions to you look forward to?


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