Free Fire: Garena Unveiled Four New Emotes For The Trap Event

Garena Free Fire is one of the world’s most popular mobile games, and this is not without reasons.

Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale – players get the chance to jump into the same arena with multiple enemies and fight each other to find out which one is the “king of the hill.”

Trap Revolution Event 

Garena has been teasing the Trap Revolution Event for a while now, and this is about to hit the live servers after all this waiting.

It’s been already confirmed that the Trap event will bring four new characters to the game and also a dedicated Trap Shop, according to the latest reports coming from Sportskeeda.

It seems that Garena will also release a rap single called I am on Fire, and this will feature all the four new characters.

New emotes will make their debut in the game 

More than that, Garena released some new emotes that will be making their debut in the game really soon.

The online publication mentioned above noted that emotes have become quite trendy parts of the Free Fire during the past few seasons. People love to express their emotions via the emotes in the game, and Garena is bringing four brand new emotes that will definitely be triggering a lot of interest.

The website mentioned above notes that ‘The four new emotes that are coming in the Trap event are Fast and Furious, Death Glare, Break Dance, and Power of Money. All of the emotes perfectly encapsulate the Trap event, which is all about hip-hop and street style. They look fantastic at first glance and are a few of the best emotes to be released in recent times.’

It’s been also revealed that these emotes will be available in the Trap Shop together with the brand new characters.

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