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Fortnite Tips — How to Earn V-Bucks For Free

If you want to customize your avatar in Fortnite, V-Bucks is the only way ​you can use to get impressive items, such as weapons, equipment, new skins, and battle passes as well to change the apparition of your avatar icon. V-Bucks​ can be earned by doing certain tasks, so there is no need to use real money to purchase them. Here is a simple guideline on how to acquire V-Bucks​ for free, and how to buy it.

How to Get V-Bucks for Free

There are numerous free V-Bucks​ generators out there, but they are all a scam, and we don’t recommend you using the,m. The main target of such websites if to steal personal data and implement viruses into your system. Stay away from such platforms. Here are our top three legit ways to get the game’s currency for free.

Purchase Save the World

One of the best ways to purchase V-Bucks​ is to buy the Save the World game mode. Even though this mode is not that popular, it offers massive amounts of V-Bucks​ with daily login bonuses, tasks, and other reward systems. For $40 only, you get to purchase the mode and be rewarded with huge amounts of V-Bucks​.

Each completed mission in Save the World will get you at east 50 V-Bucks​. Storm Shield Defense’s main narrative challenges will reward you with 100 V-Bucks​.

Do Online Paid Surveys

V-Bucks​ can be gotten by completing surveys and other kinds of online tasks. Some survey websites that award you V-Bucks​ in exchange for your cooperation include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints, and so on.

Battle Pass System

The last method we are going to mention is to level up to the battle pass system. This setting has a progression system, which gets you V-Bucks​ as you complete the missions. With each leveling up, you are rewarded with the game’s currency as you reach new tiers. Some of them are worth 100 V-Bucks​.

How to Buy V-Bucks

If you don’t want to out with the ‘hustle’ mentioned above, but you want to customize your avatar as soon as possible, you can purchase V-Bucks​ with real money. Here is how to do so:

  • ​Head over to the Microsoft Store
  • Click on the ‘Search’ icon and type ‘V-Bucks​’
  • Various V-Bucks packages will appear on a new page – choose one that best fits you
  • Click on the ‘Buy’ option
  • A pop-up window will ask you to confirm the purchase
  • If you are not signed in to your Microsoft account, login
  • On the purchase window, choose the payment method – you can also add a new card or redeem a gift card
  • Click on the ‘Buy’ button in the lower-right corner
  • You now have V-Bucks

The Bottom Lines

The guidelines mentioned above are legit ways to purchase V-Bucks​ for free in Fortnite. Beware, though, of V-Bucks​ scams and better choose safe methods to get the in-game currency​ than to get viruses on your device and your data stolen. If you know of any other techniques to get V-Bucks​ without using real money, feel free to share them with us.


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