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Fortnite Season 2: New Leak Suggest Three Items Will Roll Out to the Game

Fortnite is keeping the level up, offering at least one new in-game item with every season it releases. Together with the game’s Season 2 Chapter 2, numerous amazing additions were incorporated into the popular title, most of which are vaulted weapons. These weapons can now be found in secret locations across the gameplay as well, which makes the title incredibly exciting and fun to play.

New reports from reliable data miners have surfaced, suggesting three new additions ready to be rolled out into the game with the next season. More precisely, the game files mentioned a Disguise Kit, Security Plan, and a Proximity Mine.

Data miner @Hypex has recently posted on their Twitter page that Epic Games has already tested version 12.10 and version 12.20, and perhaps this week, we will see new updates.

The Disguise Kit

The only disguise available in Fortnite before this season was the bush disguise. However, for some was completely inconvenient as they had to be really small in order to fit into the bush, to be entirely hidden.

However, with the new season, ​an apparent Disguise Kit will be implemented. The addition will definitely help players become faction members without needing them to find a phone booth. The phone boot is currently accessible in specific regions of the map, but more so near recently added spots.

Proximity Mine

The Proximity Mine will reportedly be an explosive weapon that can be thrown around a region, which is set to explode when an opponent approaches it. The damage the weapon is able to do has not been officially announced as of yet.

Security Plans

There’s no information as to what this addition refers to. Many fans speculate that instead of shaking down as faction members in order to get a floor or area plan, players will have to find this tool. It might reveal the security plan of an area, besides secret chests and enemy locations.​


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