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Fortnite Releases New Vix Skins That are Simply Stunning

Fortnite has incorporated numerous cosmetics throughout the years, but the brand new Vix skins added today are another level. The skin is part of the Catssassin set, and it is definitely one of the coolest-looking cosmetics in the game so far.

The new addition has four colored variants, a red, blue, violet, and a black one, which can also be found with no hoodie. The unique thing about the new Vix skins is that they can be changed during an ongoing match with the help of the exclusive emote ‘Spin Out.’

Vix Skin Variants in Fortnite

The red option is the one that seems to be more appealing to many. It is incredibly gorgeous, but the color makes it visible from afar, which means it is somehow putting you in danger of exposure throughout matches. However, the look, the texture, and everything else about the costume is stunning.

The blue variant has a rather childish tone to it, and it inclines towards a more classical Fortnite bright color option we are already familiar with.

Vix Skin – Black Variant [Image: Fortnite]
Finally, the black skin variant is the most popular one for players as the design, and the aesthetic of it is a real treat for the eyes. Vix’s hair in this skin turns to white or blonde in order to make the costume even more delightful.

The violet/gray option is rather similar to the black one, but it is incredibly aesthetic and has some modern sci-fi vibes to it.

Overall, these Vix skin options are a great deal for 1,300 V-bucks. You can also purchase the back-bling bag and pickaxe that comes with sets called Whisker Pack and Purr Axes, as well as in a four-color outfit version as the Vix costume does.

However, players can effectively play around this skin and be aware of the changes in order to counter them in the match.


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