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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Leaks – What to Expect From the Upcoming Season

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is almost at the end, but an exciting and promising Season 4 is expected. The current season finally got the new cars, besides new concerts and crossovers.

Still, players haven’t been as receptive when it comes to the new additions ​because the upcoming season is more anticipated as it comes with the original Fortnite roots.

Epic Games could definitely do with some changes to Fortnite, which would be more than welcomed by the players across the world. Now, popular streamer SypherPK​ has shared a video not long ago in which he addressed all the leaks associated with the forthcoming Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Latest Leaks

With the Chapter 2 Season 3 slowly approaching the finish line, rumors have been circulating all over the Internet, and speculations as to what the new changes in the game could include once Season 4 launches.

As per data miner HYPEX, Fortnite could next add comic book characters, namely Thor, the ‘Hightower’ rift, and many other features. Check out this series of tweets related to the most recent leaks:

Upon closer inspection, HYPEX suggested that by the end of this season, or in Season 4, we could get a Thor event featuring Galactus and the Rainbow bridge.

In addition, popular streamer SypherPK released a video in which he discussed a potential Thor event, as well as the ‘Hightower’ rift that’s been rumored. You can check the video here.

SypherPK on the Season 4 Leaks

Talking about the possible changes we could see by the end of Season 3 or at the start of the upcoming season in Fortnite, SypherPK mentioned the rift that has been seen above Catty Corner as well as the accompanying spectrograph image published by HYPEX.

​In the image below, the outline of a character believed to be the Marvel supervillain Galactus is rather visible:

SypherPK then goes to discuss the Xbox leak, where comic books can definitely be seen and also talks about a potential Thor vs. Galactus Fortnite event.

“The thing is Fortnite originally used to have events and collaborations with Marvel, DC, Star Wars and these were like small parts of the season, but we’re seeing people like Aquaman as a big part of Season 3…the chapters of Fortnite are now very heavily intertwined with these collaborations,” the streamer says.

He then mentioned how the most recent Fortnite skin named Relaxed fit Jonesy looks a lot like Fat Thor. SypherPK believes that Epic is teasing from the shadows an exclusive Thor event in the game.

“So, Thor is coming, he’s gonna have this big epic battle with Galactus, and I think that’s gonna be the main story and focus of Season 4,” he said.

The streamer also addressed the possibility of ruins appearing around the Authority and a brand new Crater POI. Finally, he ends the video by noting how Epic Games has already started its testing phase for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, which promises to bring players a huge collaborative event.


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