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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: Epic Posts Clues on its Social Media Accounts

The incredibly popular ​Fortnite upcoming chapter 2 season 2, is close to being launched. Epic Games, the gaming studio that develops and published the title, has already started to release the game’s trailers. The releases can be found on Discord, Twitter, and there are also posters uploaded on the Internet for the upcoming season.

Fortnite’s chapter 1 of the second season was the longest-played season yet, but fans are now ready for the second chapter of the season, which is set to launch soon. The teasers for the upcoming installment have been developed for some time now, and are kind of mysterious, which was not the case with all the previous teasers Epic released.

The first teaser for the upcoming season was launched on Monday, on the official Twitter page of the game, and depicted a black and gold-themed image. ‘Transmission Intercepted’ was the caption accompanying the tweet, with all the other posts following it being coded messages.

When merged the tweets, fans got a masked face and some dynamite. However, they are not clear on the actual message of the teaser.

Possible Oil Rig Location

The Discord post is allegedly activating users with the help of a bot at a random pace. This boot is known as ‘The Agency,’ which may be something that Epic will incorporate in the season 2 of the game. ‘The Agency’ post appeared on Tuesday when it became viral.

The posters showcased a rather similar theme as that uploaded on Twitter, but the Discord ones also feature some numbers. Each of these figures packs a short message that refers to activating agents, to the Agency, which is looking for new members.

One of the messages from a United States-based phone number describes an ongoing operation on an oil rig. The same message was posted on the Fortnite Twitter account, but, of course, encoded.

The image accompanying the tweet depicts a boat, which might mean that players could get an oil rig as a location in the season 2 of the game.​


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