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Fortnite: Black Manta Skin is Now Available to Purchase

The third season of Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 has recently rolled out with an underwater theme. In the new battle pass, gamers have the chance to unlock and play as the king of Atlantis itself, Aquaman. Now, Fortnite allows players to suit up as Black Manta, which is Aquaman’s most prominent rival.

The game developers announced the new Black Manta skin in a cinematic trailer, which can be watched below. Black Manta is another addition in a long list of comic book characters that have been appearing in Epic Games‘ battle royale title.

Lately, Captain America and Deadpool were both included in the popular Fortnite, and now Black Manta came to stir the game a bit. Hailing from DC Comics, the character and Aquaman have been arch-enemies for long years; as a matter of fact, we saw the two go head-to-head on the big screen in the Aquaman movie that got released in 2018.

Black Manta Skin is Not the Only Addition

The new skin is now accessible in Fortnite from the item shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. Players can also purchase the Manta Blades foraging tool and a dual-wielded set of swords for 800 V-Bucks. As it happens with every other DC Comics Fortnite cosmetics, the new skin set is labeled as a ‘DC’ rarity.

While players will have to own the battle pass and carry out a series of challenges in order to unlock the Aquaman skin and his alternate style, any player can buy the Black Manta skin straight from the in-game item shop.

What we found interesting, though, is that the end of the trailer for Black Manta shyly teases some brand new styles for an old skin. We see Aquaman together with his Fishstick guards, but they are wearing the Atlantean armor. This could suggest that the Fishstick skin could get another selectable style, but the developer hasn’t provided any details about this yet. 

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