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Fortnite Battle Royale Might Soon Get The New ‘LifeRun’ Game Mode

Not long ago, several data miners have found out a new game mode that Fortnite would allegedly see coming soon, entitled ‘LifeRun.’ The game mode was supposedly set to roll out within the title, but the claims had no backup whatsoever.

However, now, things have changed. The official trailer for the game mode has been indeed released. Also, for the first time ever in Fortnite, gamers will have to play a different role than the killer. The game mode has people play as a Red Cross worker, who has the duty to save other players.

Data miner ShiinaBR said in a recent tweet: “A new game mode called “Life Run” will be added to Fortnite very soon! It will first be showcased at PAX South in a few days.”

The New ‘LifeRun’ Game Mode Might Soon Reach Fortnite Battle Royale

The developers behind the brilliant idea were not affiliated with the Epic Games studio, but they are a YouTuber and Fortnite content creator, who goes by the name of ‘BluDrive.’ They have reportedly been developing the mode for a while now. While they officially released the ‘Life Run’ mode trailer, BluDrive detailed the installment and its aims, as well as the date in which the new build will roll out for the community to try it out.

The description says that “in Life Run, we flipped Fortnite upside down. Instead of taking lives, your objective is to save lives. Become an ICRC hero as you’re sent around the world on missions to save the day! Join us for the map premiere on 1/19/20 at 10 a.m. CST live from PAX South! Watch as top Fortnite streamers, Lachlan, Dr. Lupo, and One Shot Gurl compete for the Fortnite Peace Prize!”

Fortnite has had numerous crossovers in the past, and this partnership with Red Cross is definitely correlated with charity work. More details will undoubtedly be given on the launch day.

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