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Fortnite 11.50 Patch Notes – Early Details and Features

Epic Games had officially announced the 11.50 version upgrade for Fortnite Battle Royale. It is possible to be the last one before the Chapter 2: Season 1 ends, and Season 2 arrives. There were only three patches launched so far since the beginning of December. The Fortnite 11.50 version will include a set date and time that it will be launching, and it’s supposed to introduce some significant modifications to how Fortnite is played.

Fortnite 11.50 Update Version Goes Live

Epic Games announced the 11.50 patch version would be launched on Wednesday, February 4, at 1 AM PT/4 AM ET/9 AM GMT. Downtime will occur, so be ready for the matchmaking to be disabled for approximately 20-25 minutes. Also, it is still unknown how long it will last the downtown; as such, an update needs a while to install.

A Newly Unreal Chaos Engine Introduced

The most significant of this update will surely be Fortnite’s transformation to a full new physics engine, the Unreal Engine’s Chaos form. We can expect a massive evolution on how the famous popular game is played, considering that there will be a whole new engine that Fortnite will be simulated. However, developers detailed that “at launch, the goal is to ensure that Fortnite still feels like Fornite.”

One of the most striking changes players are requiring is how builds will fail. Currently, when damaged, constructions disappear. We can see with the newly Chaos engine a change, a more realist breaking effect.

More to Expect

As Epic Games stated: “before the Season ends, we’ll have additional Overtime Challenges and a new two-week event.” While no other information has been unveiled about the event, it’s more probable that we will find out more once with the 11.50 version update. A Valentine’s Day event could be expected, but we should wait and see.


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