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Fortnite 11.40 Update Brings a Few Glitches Into the Game

Fortnite has rolled out its newest update, which was highly awaited by every player in the community, considering the fact that the game has entered a state of continual fading.

However, with the Fortnite 11.40 update version, new bugs and flaws that are now obstructing the players from immersing in the game have appeared. A number of these glitches have already been mentioned and are reviewed by the developers’ team. They would specifically be concentrating on a game-breaking flaw that thousands of desktop players have encountered after the newly released update.

Fortnite 11.40 Update Glitches

The vulnerability makes the game get confused between a user who wants to ‘Sidegrade’ or ‘Upgrade’ their weapon, making it glitch out when done in-game. Even so, the developers’ team has made known a method to get around the issue. Players can change the keybinds assigned for ‘Sidegrade’ and ‘Object carry,’ which will function immediately for the majority users.

Another glitch could be labeled within the ‘game-breaking’ category because it basically makes players lose a significant part of Fortnite, without which the game cannot be played: the audio section.

Several players have claimed their game sounds are disappearing completely after the Fortnite 11.40 update. Every sound, including lobby emotes, and in-game sounds, their microphones and HUD interface audio has reportedly gone off. Currently, the glitch is still being reviewed, and a solving for it has not been released as of yet.

There has yet been another issue numerous players have reported. This one is going to be a great thing for gamers to capture unaware opponents in-game, and knock them with a 220 Pump shot through their builds.

After the Fortnite 11.40 update, players can shoot through walls. The majority of wooden and stone builds in the game have cracks and holes in them, which makes it possible for players to shoot at the opponent on the other side of the structure.


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