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Fortnite 11.20 Finally Launched With Some Exciting Additions

Epic finally releases the latest Fortnite 11.20. The company released the patch with some details, such as the name of the patch – Battle Royale Update. It was about time for Epic to release a new patch since the last one was in October for the start of Chapter 2. The most important details from this patch are the Daily challenges returning, DirectX12 support is added, and some bug fixes. Let’s see what all is about.

What’s new in Fortnite 11.20?

Since the start of Chapter 2, who came after the destruction of the black hole, nothing new happened. We had a new map, some new items, and new mechanics. Chapter 2 didn’t come with patch notes, because Epic wanted the players to discover the game and the changes brought to it. Unfortunately, Epic didn’t make the best decision by not including the patch notes in Chapter 2. The players had a hard time putting the things together, and also, content creators didn’t have the proper data for creating videos and streams about the changes in the game.

Moreover, even the most skilled and experienced players had problems in the game because of the lack of patch notes. The idea of Epic failed because the players don’t know what changes are present, so through the game, they adapted very hard. The fans and players even made a petition to bring back the patch notes. Some players admitted that some mysteries were excellent and excited to found out, but in rest, they had a hard time to adapt and figure what to do with the new things that appeared every week.

There are more novelties for players to find out

On the other hand, some players such as Fortnite streamer Ninja, don’t agree with the patch notes. The streamer is saying that having a patch note is giving the player a choice to play less.

To sum up, we think that Epic isn’t trying to cover mistakes or even avoid the player with this decision. The idea was to bring some mystery to the game and to give the possibility to discover what’s new in Fortnite 11.20 on your own.


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