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Football Manager 2020 Latest Leaks – What We Know So Far?

Passionate fans and players, only two weeks are keeping us apart from Football Manager 2020. As we all know, FM20 is in the Beta gameplay, and the ones who have preordered can access it. We want to present to you all the hot information we have about Football Manager 2020, including the release date, the new features, what’s with the trailer, and tactics as well.

Football Manager 2020

First is, FM20 which will be in our hands-on 19th November 2019 with the full PC Steam, as well as FM20 Touch and FM20 Mobile, both Android, and iOS. We don’t have the release date for Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch yet. But the game will be available on all the platforms – PC, macOS, Xbox, and Nintendo. Also, don’t forget you can preorder the game in the Beta version, and you can play it immediately.

However, the price of the game will be around £39.99 and £9.99 for the mobile version of FM20. Also, by preordering it on Steam, you can save about 10%, which means around £35.99. An essential piece of information is that the preordered version of the game has in stock two teams – Valencia and Arsenal. Having those two teams means that you receive the license kit, and you can improve them. Unfortunately, in the standard version of the game, you must buy them.

Besides this, FM20 is coming with new features regarding the club culture, transfers market, the on-field style, and a five-year plan for the club. For those of you who like the physical version of the game, you will see that Sports Interactive has changed the plastic case we all know. So now you will have a new 100% recycled case for your game.

Also, improvements are coming to the Playing Time, the backroom staff, and improved tactical analysis, and a nice change for you the players as the manager.

Finally, the graphics are improved in the FM20 in the player and manager modeling. When you have the game, you should take a closer look at the details of your suit, or you change the colors as your club colors.

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