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Fix Saints Row IV Most Known Crashes

How to fix Saints Row IV crashes

Saints Row IV is the most recent entry in the franchise and an excellent game. Players, who have become the President of the US, will fight against an alien invasion that threatens the world.

On their journey, players will unlock a selection of superpowers, be joined by new old friends, and unleash their might upon the aliens with a powerful array of deadly weapons. A revamped co-op system will allow players to drop-in and out seamlessly.

Many players opt to buy the Steam version of the game, especially when it’s on sale. While the title has aged well, some players complain that they face some crashes when they try to play it. If you are one of them, follow the guide written below to solve the issues in no time.

Verify the integrity of the game files

In some cases, the files tend to become corrupted. This can happen when a download is incomplete, or something happened during the installation. To verify the integrity of the game files follows these steps:

  • Open Steam and navigate to the Library section.
  • Find Saints Row IV in the list and right-click on the entry.
  • Click on Properties/ Local Files.
  • Click on the Verify integrity of the game cache. Steam will scan the installation folder and download missing files.

Reinstall Direct X

In some cases, players reported that reinstalling Direct X worked for them. You can find it on the official Microsoft website, and the installation process is quite simple. It can also increase the performance of other games.

Disabling Threaded Optimization

Keep in mind that while this method can solve crashing, it may also decrease the performance of the game on your machine. It is also limited to PCs that have an NVIDIA GPU.

Open the NVIDIA Control Panel and select the Manage 3D Settings tab.

If you don’t see the game, click on add and find the installation folder. Select the.EXE file and add it.

Look on the list of options and find Threaded Optimization. Disable the feature, apply the change, and close the program.


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