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Fix More Prevalent WhatsApp Errors In Few Steps

WhatsApp is one of the most praised instant messaging apps so far. With over 2 billion users globally, the app succeeded in gaining attention due to its functions. From instant messages, calls, photos, or videos shared to video calls, WhatsApp allows you to keep in touch with your friends since 2009.

Sometimes, however, our messaging experience might get troubled. If you’re encountering WhatsApp issues such as duplicate contacts, WhatsApp doesn’t recognize your contacts anymore, or maybe there are some features you don’t understand, don’t worry. The following methods will help you!

Fix More Prevalent WhatsApp Errors In Few Steps

Duplicate Contacts

Usually, two contact entries mean one with a mobile number and another with an email address. If this is an annoying thing for you, here is what you can do. First, check your Contacts app. You can start to delete the duplicated contacts manually. Or look after options such as Clean up duplicates, Manage contacts, but that depends on your smartphone’s settings. You’ll either have to tap on three vertical lines or three dots (Android devices) or tap on a duplicated contact to delete it.

Contacts Not Recognized

WhatsApp might not recognize your contacts sometimes. Such an issue can be solved in a few steps. Check the correct contact numbers, if you updated the app, and if the contacts are currently using WhatsApp. You can also verify if all your contacts are visible.

Save Data on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp, tap on Settings, then on Select Data and storage, and choose the When using mobile data option. Turn off the Photos, Videos, Audio, and Documents. Finally, enable the Low data usage feature.

Last Seen Meaning

The Last Seen timestamp indicates when one of your contacts was last on WhatsApp. It doesn’t mean, however, that they have read your message.

Blue Checkmarks Meaning

One gray tick on WhatsApp means that your message has been sent, while two gray thicks indicate your message has been delivered. Two blue ticks show your contact has seen your message.

The Last Seen Seems Off

First, check the Settings to see if you disabled the Last Seen timestamp. From Settings, tap on Account, Privacy, and then Last Seen. Also, some contacts might have disabled the Last seen time or blocked you on WhatsApp.

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