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Fix Common WhatsApp Issues In Few Steps

As one of the most famous instant messaging app, WhatsApp sure does provide a great experience, with 2 billion users worldwide. Nowadays, chatting, video calling, sharing videos, and photos have become a necessity. WhatsApp, however, still has its bugs when it comes to its features. Users encountered a few common WhatsApp issues that troubled their messaging experience.

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Fix Common WhatsApp Issues

Can’t Hear Audio Messages or WhatsApp Can’t Play Audio

One of the audio-related WhatsApp issues might be linked to the proximity sensor that the app relies on. If your smartphone has the sensor near the front-facing camera, then it might cause such trouble. The sensor will detect when you’re holding your device to your ear. When it activates, the audio will play through the ear speaker very quietly. Be sure that you keep your device away from your face. Also, check if the volume is turned up.

Can’t Answer Voice Calls or Other Voice Calls Issues

If poor quality voice calls are too annoying, or you can’t receive calls at all, your connection is to blame. Voice calls rely upon a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Check your Internet signal to be strong enough. For mobile data, it is recommended to use at least 3G. You can try to turn off and on your networks. If your connection is excellent, maybe your contacts experience poor Internet connection.

Can’t Save Photos to Send to One of My Contacts

You need to always long press on the photo in the chat for sharing it. At the top-right of the page, you’ll notice a right-facing arrow. Press that and choose the contact you want to send the photo.

Can’t Download Photos or Videos

Go to Settings, tap on Data Usage. Check if the auto-downloads feature is activated when on Wi-Fi. This is also one of the common WhatsApp issues that annoy users much.

Messages Not Send

Check your Internet connection. A soft restart of your device might help, too. If you didn’t save a phone number correctly, then the messages won’t send at all.

New Message Notification

WhatsApp sometimes sends the message: “You may have new messages.” It might be quite odd to see something like that, and when you open the app, there’s no message at all. WhatsApp usually does that to inform you of messages. It utilizes a different channel to send the actual message. Also, if you’re in an area with low Wi-Fi/data connection, the network can send the push notification, without the real message.

More to Come…

There are many other WhatsApp issues that annoy users. We will come back with a second article on these WhatsApp errors. In the meantime, don’t forget to update the app to its latest version since Facebook is regularly releasing bug fixes for the most popular instant messaging app in the world.


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