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Five Tips to a Better Experience With Gmail Web

Gmail has improved immensely over time when it comes to both its functionality and design. Its development is great, now being not only nicer but also more intuitive.

Here are our tips on how to re(discover) this renown email application.

Quick Buttons and Shortcuts

Following its most recent visual update, Gmail has been providing users with quick interaction buttons. Simply point the mouse cursor on an email and the ‘archive,’ ‘delete,’ ‘mark as unread,’ and ‘put on hold’ buttons will appear. This feature saves a lot of time, which is today incredibly valuable, especially in a professional setting.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts, which can be activated in the ‘General settings’ tab. This way, you will only have to engage with the app through specific keys. However, keep in mind that these shortcuts are not the same on Mac and Windows.

Change the Interface

The interface can now be customized using a theme. If you want to alter the appearance of an email preview, simply click on the top-right corner gear icon and then on ‘Display Density.’ Next, choose the display mode you want. The default version offers space for attachments in the preview, the second variant is quite similar, but it doesn’t provide the space for attachments, and the third comes with a more complex look, and it is more similar to the old mode.

Add New Services

On the right side of the screen, you find various buttons for Google services. Going further than advertising its services, the tech giant also allows you to add components from the G Suite Marketplace like Trello, and so on. People who also use Google Task can create a not from a message with a simple drag and drop.

Dark Interface

Google now provides a dark mode for its users. This is, in fact, a theme in which the interface becomes dark, except for the white text and buttons. A second version is also accessible, called Terminal, which is a bit darker.

The Hold Function

This functionality is already known to those who used Google’s Inbox app. When you receive an email but cannot read it, you can reschedule it to arrive again at a later hour – that way, you don’t forget about it. To use it, simply click on the ‘Hold’ button, or press the ‘B’ key on the keyboard if you use shortcuts. The button is represented by a clock in the quick access sections when you hold the mouse cursor over an email.

It is important to mention that you can choose in detail when the email should come on the top of your inbox section. There is a default option you can choose or simply set the time and date yourself. If you, someday, would want to go back to the pending emails, you can find the section on the left of the menu, right below the inbox.


Do you happen to have any more tips and know of hidden features the new web version of Gmail offers? Feel free to share them below.


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