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Five Great Minecraft Alternatives to Play in 2020

Minecraft is one of the best and most popular sandbox games currently on the market. The open-world title has gained a massive player base and will definitely have more fans in the following years. However, there are numerous other games very similar to Minecraft that you can try out for fun.

Because Minecraft is one of the most played video games ever developed, copycats appeared everywhere on the web. They are far from the original game, but there are some titles worth checking out.


Creativerse is practically a Minecraft clone; it was initially a play-to-play game, but it then became free on Steam in 2014. The title is based on Minecraft and has a lot of similarities; it takes place in a world of blocks in which the player can engage with everything around them.

There’s a Creativerse Pro game available as well, which offers the player an extra 20 inventory space, unlimited world creation, and the capability to share crafted stuff with other players in another world.


Roblox stands out from the multitude of Minecraft-inspired games. It has a massive number of users because it allows people to create their own 3D titles. Simply put, it is a game developer simulator inside another game.

Roblox might seem a Minecraft knockoff, but it was actually released before Minecraft; both titles were inspired by LEGO figures, which can definitely be seen in the visuals. A great advantage of playing Roblox is the ability to try a plethora of games created by other users.


Unturned is a zombie survival genre title, mixed with the appearance of Minecraft. It is free to play and has numerous modes available. The main survival mode lands the player on the map with items that depend on the skill set they choose. The player has to find resources and battle the groups of zombies that keep appearing.

There are upgrade points awarded to the player if they manage to survive each zombie attack, and a co-op option for those who want to join in. The other modes are also interesting and include options such as roleplay mode, creative mode, paintball mode, and battle royale mode.


Minecraft’s visuals are all included in Terasology, including blocky hands, cubed trees, and so on. Still, it is unique in a few elements, such as the fact that it offers players the ability to create an army that protects the player’s world.

The game is an open-source title, meaning that it enables basically any player to modify aspects of the game. This ends up giving a large number of interesting in-game options, which doesn’t allow it to get stale.


Trove is a voxel-based sandbox title that launched for PC back in 2015. It is an MMO that offers the player lots of action while having them complete a to-do list. There’s also the option for players to team up while investigating dungeons, mines, and open lands to fight the rivals.

Although the game is a Minecraft clone, it doesn’t fall into the sandbox category that easily. It is rather an MMO with similar graphics as Minecraft, and perhaps that’s all about their similarity. While Minecraft is a creation and building tool that has rare quests, Trove is concentrated around missions.

Which game of the above sounds more appealing? Do you have a favorite Minecraft-inspired title you like to play?

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