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Five Great Image Processing Apps For Android

In the last two years, smartphone applications for image processing have improved dramatically. We have picked our first five favorites, which can be used as a free version and provide a real added value.

Numerous apps like those depend on paid upgrades, which usually hide behind a subscription process. However, all the apps we will mention also have a free version. Mainly focusing on ‘classic’ image processing, these editing apps also bring typical features such as saturation, brightness, and so on. 

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

When it comes to functionality, the mobile version of the app is incredibly similar to the main Lightroom. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app provides users with numerous features to edit images, most of which are also accessible in the free variant. Even so, if you want to be able to apply effects to limited photo parts, import RAW images, or utilize the retouching feature, you need at least a subscription to the Creative Cloud.


Google‘s Snapseed is a decent app for anyone looking for a free image processing tool. In addition to the various photo filters it offers, there are numerous instruments to adjust portrait attires such as the head position, pupil size, and so on. A great positive factor here is that all filters can be adjusted when it comes to intensity.

When you start using the app, it seems a bit confusing with its sorted menu and the various functions. However, Snapseed is completely free.​

Adobe Photoshop Express

Abobe and Photoshop again, but this time, the Photoshop Express is more flexible than Lightroom when talking about the effects: it offers numerous filters and image overlays with their intensity usually adjustable to the particular scene. Even so, it doesn’t provide the 

possibility to limit the effect to specific image areas.

In addition, Photoshop Express supports various frames and comes with a few tools. Similar to Snapseed, the app also supports RAW, and a feature that allows images to be exported in various formats, such as a LinkedIn profile image. This app is also completely free to use.


VSCO has a less convenient acronym, but it can easily be a part of the category the previous apps are in. It provides users with numerous filters and effects and has a special feature that allows you to merge settings in a ‘recipe,’ even in the Pro version, which comes at $6 per month and $24 per year.

In addition, the app comes with an amazing feature, namely the affiliated community, where images are assiduously shared. The quality of the published images is incredible, and it is worth a look.​

Photo Editor

This is the ideal app for filter lovers all over the world. Photo Editor really comes with an impressive number of filters and offers an incredible amount of more filters if you embark on the rather expensive subscription. The developers are giving away the app at $4 per month or $18 per year.

It is also worth noting that the app comes with the ability to create photo collages from several images.


Do you have an image processing app that you prefer and use on a daily basis? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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