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Fire Emblem Heroes 4.0.0 Update Brings a New Book and New Event

Nintendo‘s renown hit strategy-RPG series, Fire Emblem, has already celebrated 25 years since it first launched. The franchise continues to sell incredibly well with the last sequels made available for smartphones as well, not only for PC.

Fire Emblem allows players to a great on-the-go experience with its touchscreen-customized battles. The game’s Heroes sequel is an amazing adventure that lets players summon characters from all the other sequences, develop their skills, and level them up.

A Perfect on-the-go Game

Fire Emblem Heroes features an epic quest with an ongoing, original narrative where new characters and limitless battle-tested Heroes from the series’ universe get to know each other.

There are more than 800 story phases ready to be accessed as of July 2019, including all difficulty modes. To earn Orbs, which are used for summoning characters, players must complete these story stages. The game developers release regular updates that bring new story characters every time.

Fire Emblem Heroes features strategic turn-based combats streamlined specifically for on-the-go play with maps that are easy to read on any smartphone. Players are to lead their army with simple touch-and-drag controls, and they have the ability to attack the enemy by swiping an ally over the opponent.

For those new to strategic turn-based combats, the game offers an Auto-Battle option that has the characters battle on their own.

The title allows players to power up their allies by gifting them leveling, skills, weapons, wearable items, and much more. This functionality enables gamers to enhance their characters and level them up in order to earn victory after victory in the battles.

In addition to the main narrative, the title features numerous other modes where players can strengthen their allies, battle with other players, and more.

Fire Emblem Heroes 4.0.0 Update

Fire Emblem Heroes receives regular updates that bring new characters or fixes to the game. The latest release, the Fire Emblem Heroes 4.0.0 update, packs a bunch of additions. The first addition includes the Book IV of the main narrative, with the opening date set for December 5th.​ Players have to complete Chapter 1 to earn Peony: Sweet Dreams as a 5-star Hero.

Moreover, the update comes with a new event, Mjölnir’s Strike​, that goes live on December 8th, and skills that can now be learned and adjusted directly from a character’s profile screen.


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