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Final Fantasy XIV’s Nier Automata Allows Every Player Dress Like 2B

Square Enix has finally released the update number 5.1 for the popular Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. The release includes the first chapter of the “YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse” raid in the outstanding Nier: Automata.

The raid is called “The Copied Factory” and has some dashing rewards for players who complete it. There’s a reward in, particular, that is rather special.

The raid series allows players to dress as the ever-popular Nier: Automata ​heroine, YoRHa 2B​. The fun thing is that it enables anyone to dress like her, irrelevant of their gender.

Here is how the prized costume looks on male characters, courtesy of Reddit user OmegaAvenger_HD​:​

We should also note that the outfit is not a functional gear. The equipment is offered among the raid’s rewards, but it looks different. ​2B’​s outfit is intended for what Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers​ establishes as ‘glamour,’ or cosmetic equipment that can be taken over the character’s armor.

The raid asks for 24 players, and there are only three coffers, including the outfit dubbed ‘No.2 Type B Gear’ dropped every time. Therefore, you may have to play a couple of times before you can get your own.

​2B​’s outfit is level one and can be geared by every race and job in ​Final Fantasy XIV, ​so players can use it as cute apparel, irrelevant to their level. The rest of the high-level raid equipment is based on the appearance of other characters from Nier: Automata​. These gears are, unlike ​2B’​s outfit, restricted by job and level.

Remember that, because the raid is brand new, you can only get one piece of gear per week, again, not including the ​2B ​glamour set.

To see more of what the update 5.1 contains, here is the trailer of ​Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers​ patch 5.1 ​the publisher released:

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PS4 and PC.


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