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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Square Enix Releases Demo for PS4

Because it has been 23 years since Square Enix has released the original Final Fantasy VII title, the Remake version is now one of the most awaited titles in the gaming community.

Back in 2015, the gaming studio has officially announced that they would be remaking the popular game from start to finish, with advanced visuals and an entirely different style of gameplay. This got a lot of fans excited for the game.

Last year at E3, fans had hand-on demos of the title and heard the first announcements about the release date. Since then, players of the popular game have received teasers and gameplay footage at a rather slow but steady pace.

Even though the game launch was pushed back a few weeks to guarantee the quality meets the standards fans deserve, players all over the world have high hopes for the remake of one of the best JRPG games ever launched.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is Now Available for PS4

Now, fans that have a PlayStation 4 are now able to play Final Fantasy VII Remake. This is an announcement millions of people have been waiting to hear for a while now. Square Enix has just released a demo of the upcoming title on PlayStation Network all over the world. The link below should take you to the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was first announced in 2015, as we mentioned above, and after a recent stall, the game is now scheduled to launch on April 10th. It is, evidently, an immersive and outstanding remake of the original seventh installment of the game for PlayStation.

The game we are getting in April is not the complete version, though. It will only feature the opening Midgar section of the original title, and Square Enix has not yet revealed how many episodes it is planning to create.


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