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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – UK Fans Are Jealous!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s April release date is so near that we can almost feel it, as Square Enix revealed a few peeks at the various themes available to players.

Fans of the upcoming Final Fantasy Game can get an enhanced dynamic theme if they pre-order the game from the PlayStation Network.

About The Theme

The theme includes the game’s main protagonist and lead antagonist Sephiroth set against a Midgar backdrop.

An even better theme can be downloaded by gamers who pre-order the game in Japan, or from Amazon, in the United States.

The best theme revealed so far showcases Sephiroth standing in front of a burning Shinra plant, and that drove many UK fans jealous.

The Developer’s Statement

Square Enix stated that European fans of the game would be able to grab the theme from plenty of retailers, so there is still a chance to do so if they haven’t got it already.

Square Enix has also provided fans insight at two other Final Fantasy 7 remake themes.

One of those themes will be available who play the demo before May 11, and it will feature the cast of playable characters.

The second theme concentrates on Midgar, which looks stunning on PS4 technology.

According to Square Enix, it will be available soon to all PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The Tweet

The following tweet was posted by the official Final Fantasy VII Remake account:

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