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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Images Display New Characters and Quests

As the latest images of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake surface, we find out that developers have more in store for us than we believed. The published screenshots can be seen on the PlayStation Blog, along with some details from Square Enix. Tifa and her skills are put in the spotlight.

She got the best look so far, and her three-stage unique attack, the Whirling Uppercut to Omnistrike to Rise and Fall, is in full glory. A screenshot displays her moves in action. Also, one of Tifa’s standalone excellent skills, which are linked to her ATB bar in the combat system, is shown in the images.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Images

Beside Tifa’s fantastic skills and upgrades, there are also two more Materia identified in the screenshots. You’ll notice Aerith utilizing her Healing Materia to add Cure, and Cloud handling the Deadly Dodge Materia, which can be packed on any character to provide them a powerful sly follow-up. There is also a sleek bonus chance of Cloud striking a crab with a nail bat.

As for new details, we got some insights into Chandley, a new NPC in Sector 7. It also describes the latest Battle Report side quests, which can be achieved and then getting a chance to unlock some upgraded Materia. Finally, the Mercenary Quests are introduced, resembling some strange tasks issued by different NPC’s, which can be done for extra rewards. Players will sure get a whole new experience, even better than the previous ones.

Those screenshots, however, unveiled only a part of what we should expect Final Fantasy 7 Remake to introduce. Square Enix also published some high-resolution images and close-ups of persuasive beast partner Red XIII, Summons such as Carbuncle and Chocobo Chick, and antagonist Professor Hojo. Stay tuned for more details and exclusive news from Square Enix!

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