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Final Fantasy 14 5.21 Update To Launch On March 10 With New Features And Improvements

New screenshots of the upcoming update on Final Fantasy 14 are available on the internet! Square Enix shared the screenshots of the future Final Fantasy 14 5.21 version of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The upcoming update will bring more features to the famous MMORPG.

Final Fantasy 14 5.21 Update – Release Date and Details

We will start by letting you know that on March 10, the Final Fantasy 14 update will be released, and it is not just a simple rumor. The update release was confirmed, and we cannot wait to see what new content it has to bring to the game.

The upcoming version of the Final Fantasy 14 will include new features, such as a mount, a crown, and an outfit. All these new features will be part of the latest stage of the Ishgardian Restoration. On top of that, the company also shared an artwork revealing Shiva with a different appearance. Players will be able to fight Shiva in Eden’s Verse raid.

The thing about Shiva is that she is already part of the game, so we are not so sure why Square Enix shared a post about her, but we will probably find out later when the update will come out.

Final Fantasy 14 – Little Ladies’ Day seasonal event

We have news regarding the next Little Ladies’ Day seasonal event. We had a better look at the art of the game as well as more information about the upcoming features the event will bring.

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game is getting more and more popular. A couple of weeks ago, the game platform reached over 18 million registered users.

The Final Fantasy 14 game available on PS4 as well as on the PC, so gamers can enjoy any of the two platforms. As for the Xbox One players, you don’t need to feel left aside as the game will come to your platform, too, at some point. Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed that he would help bring the game to Xbox One last month.


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