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FarmVille 2: Country Escape 14.5.5172 Update Brings A New Time-Limited Event And Improvements

For many smartphone owners, Farmville is an iconic name since the popular game was played by millions of people across all over the world.
The title was published in 2009 when smartphones were still new on the market, and many prospective buyers were looking for a suitable model. It became a hit among players as one of the first casual games that blended a fun simulation gameplay experience with social elements. In this article, we’ll talk about the latest FarmVille 2: Country Escape update.

As one of the many games developed by Zynga for mobile devices, the game relies heavily on social interaction between users. Many praised the game for the fact that it easy to learn, but it can keep players busy for a long while as they continue to work on making the farm better and improving their crops.

In the wake of the popularity of the title, the developers decided to release a sequel created from the ground up with mobile devices in mind. Farmville 2: Country Escapes offers an exciting farming experience as players will take control of their own farm and play solo or with friends. Below you can find a few highlights of the most popular features offered by the game.

What’s new in the most recent FarmVille 2: Country Escape update?

You can own the farm of your dreams and plant, harvest, and use a variety of fruits, vegetables, and cereals, to create a variety of items, including iconic desserts like the apple pie. Use your detective skills to roam the map and track down several valuable items spread across an intriguing coastal setting, which offers a fresh background that can be explored at your own pace.

Those who love farm animals will enjoy the ability to obtain and nurture a large number of species, including a helpful farm dog. Craft an impressive farm that will attract the envy of your friends as they come to visit and trade with them or other players to earn valuable resources.

The Farmville 2: Country Escapes 14.5.5172 update comes with a new limited-time event that offers the chance to earn excellent rewards.

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