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Far Cry 6 – Trailer and Release Date Revealed

The full trailer for Far Cry 6 leaked ahead of the Ubisoft Forward event. The footage depicted pre-rendered visuals, and also shared the release date and platforms on which will be available.

After the big reveal leaked, the company has created a short teaser for Far Cry 6 with a look at its big star. The brief clip depicts Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Esposito smoking a cigarette, with a short message saying we’ll see more to come during the Ubisoft Forward event. 

The leak, and then the announcement at the event, revealed that Esposito would be featured in Far Cry 6, which is confirmed by a tweet coming from the official Far Cry Twitter account. The game will be placed in a tropical paradise known as Yara, ruled over by the dictatorial Anton Castillo and his son Diego. Esposito seems to play Castillo in the game.

The tweet appeared to recognize the leak with a daring reference, as it says, ‘Anton would not be pleased.’ As those who have watched Breaking Bad or its byproduct Better Call Saul can confirm, no one should get on Esposito’s bad side. He also played a new Star Wars villain in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

The developers have also unveiled the fact that Far Cry 6​ will be available on both current and next-generation consoles, and offer a free upgrade method for digital purchases from PS4 to PS5, similar to what Microsoft‘s Smart Delivery offers on Xbox One to Xbox Series X. Far Cry 6 will also be accessible on Stadia and PC.

As per the leaked store listing, the game is set to launch on February 18th of 2021, which was later confirmed by a tweet on the official account of the game, as well as during the Ubisoft Forward event. This would mean that the title will launch a few months after the next-generation consoles are released.


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