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Fallout 76 – Build Your Own Vaults With Steel Dawn!

Bethesda has posted some official details about the future Fallout 76 Steel Dawn update that will bring new variations of vaults for players to build. This may be the best time to speak about the game, as it was treated to a free-to-play weekend last week so that you may have experienced the game’s impressive world and maybe even got addicted to it!

The game went free-to-play for a few days to celebrate the World’s End event, which, in the game’s lore, takes place on October 23, 2077.

During the limited offer, players got to explore all the game had to offer, including the vast Wastelanders expansion and local battle royal game mode.

Bethesda is preparing for the rapidly approaching release of the Brotherhood of Steel, and some of the update’s features were treated to an in-depth look.

The Expansion

In the new Developer Gameplay video, the developer provided a detailed look at the future C.A.M.P. Shelters mechanics, which will heavily focus on building advanced underground vaults in player camps that are separated from the main base.

C.A.M.P. Shelters are pretty much new instanced locations that can be decorated to players’ preferences in interior design, allowing them to manifest their creativity.

The update will take the game to the next level thanks to the fact that it will remove most of the restrictions the community agreed to for a while.

Players will get to build spaceships, pirate vessels, and even Wild West saloons inside their vaults!

P.C. gamers can already join the public test realm to get a first taste of the new update. For the rest of us, the update will be released this December.


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