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Facebook Servers Encountered Downtime Worldwide

As new cases of COVID-19 infections and deaths emerge daily, the whole world is affected, and we experience hard times. We were advised to stay at home as much as possible and learn to become more compassionate. Such a situation put the whole world on lockdown. Most of us continue to work from home. We surf the Internet a lot, and besides working, we spend more and more time on social media. That recently affected the Facebook servers.

Our Internet activities, however, affect the servers too much. People have begun experiencing problems with surfing the webpages. Facebook encountered such a hard time recently. Facebook has been declared one of the leading social networking platforms due to its tremendous number of 2.5 billion active users. Facebook owns, too, other renowned social websites. WhatsApp and Instagram, for example, have reached 1.5 billion, respectively, 1 billion active users.

Facebook Servers Suffered Downtime

Hence, Facebook has to work hard to keep the proper management of their servers to offer adequate performance. But, the current pandemic crisis, made Facebook experience some issues with its servers. WhatsApp, Instagram, as well, got troubled by a lot of glitched, affecting users’ experience. People reported on Twitter their disappointment, fearing they might not see a fix to such a problem. They were unable to login, post, or view others’ stories, although not all users were affected.

In some cases, the situations were normal, while others were harder than ever imagined. People from the US, Asia, and Central UK were affected. Facebook hasn’t released any statement yet, but we for some answers soon. The company should have warned users about such a situation and ensure that the servers’ performance will be improved. Until then, let’s try to spend less time on social platforms and find other fun activities.

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