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Facebook Plans To Add Ads to WhatsApp Once More

We all know that WhatsApp has been a free messaging app for quite some time, even if, at first, they did have a $1 fee per year subscription model a few years ago. Now we are all free to use it without any kind of price. Subscription plan made no sense from the beginning anyway, we mean, c’mon, it’s $1, but Facebook has tried to find a way to place ads in WhatsApp.

With ads, a company can monetize apps and services. But as you probably already know, it’s done at the expense of user privacy and the usage of experience of the app. Right now, Facebook has ads on its platform and on Instagram, which means that WhatsApp is the only app from the company that does not have ads in the present. This means that Facebook makes no money from the app.

Facebook struggles to implements ads in WhatsApp again

Facebook has tried to introduce apps in WhatsApp many times before. But the users were not happy, and the company left out the ads when it came to this platform. However, things might change soon. According to some reports, the company is looking for a way to put ads in WhatsApp again. We have heard that they want to put them in WhatsApp Status. It’s the only place where it could make sense for ads to be, anyway.

Even if Facebook is still looking for ways to place ads on the WhatsApp platform, you might not want to get worried just yet. It will be a very long time since we will actually get the ads in the app.

For those of you who don’t know, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $16 billion back in 2014. And ever since then, the company is probably still not even close to being even on the purchase. However, according to the same reports, ads might actually be added to WhatsApp after the company will unify its messaging platforms. This is another thing that will take many years to happen.

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