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Facebook Offers Enhanced Access to New Oculus Venues Beta

When Facebook is not trying to figure out new ways of improving the social networks and the instant messaging app, it shifts its focus in other productive areas. The company grants wider access for its new Oculus Venues Beta, according to a post from an Oculus blog itself. But the even bigger news is yet to come: the Oculus team will continue to expand Venues even further in the coming weeks.

Facebook also reveals that the upgraded Venues app is “focused on helping you be more social.” There’s also a new lobby area where the user can meet up with friends before, during, or after the show.

Check out the new 24/7 always-on events

This is a rotating set of themed content like exploration, comedy, and more. Venues allows the user to connect with thousands of other people interested in concerts, movies, sports, stand-up shows, and a lot more.

The Oculus blog also writes:

“We launched Oculus Venues in 2018, and it’s been amazing to see people come together to watch concerts, comedy shows, sporting events, and more. Your all-in-one ticket to live events in VR, Venues is a unique social experience where people can come together from all over the world to enjoy a moment in time together. Since last year, people have attended NBA games and live performances from Billie Eilish, Wiz Khalifa, Pete Davidson, and more. And we’re working on an improved version of Venues that’s rolling out now.”

Feel free to check out the new and improved Venues (Beta Early Access) here:

Facebook intends to unify all of its messaging platforms in the near future – Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp will all be fused into a single entity capable of keeping all the conversations that a user ever had on all those three apps.


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