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Facebook Messenger Will Limit the Message Forwarding

Forwarding messages is a regular thing many users chose to do in apps such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Unfortunately, such a thing could also spread lots of fake news or false messages. Hence, many apps become active. Facebook intends to restrict the number of occurrences a message can be forwarded. By limiting the number of messages forwarded, users will be ensured the information received is accurate and won’t affect anyone’s messaging experience.

Facebook Messenger Won’t Let You Forward As Many Messages As You Want

The news shouldn’t upset you at all. There is excellent news. You’ll get rid of all that false or untrue information. Facebook’s feature is already enabled on WhatsApp. Now, Messenger is the one to get the same treatment. But, in the case of Facebook Messenger, you can resent a message only five times. Such a thing intends to restrict the circulation of too many messages.

Also, if a message or user frequently re-sends lots of messages, it will become a suspicious action that could distribute or forward inappropriate or false content. After all, how many times we got troubled by such messages? Facebook will get you rid of this total nonsense and provide you the best Messenger experience you deserve.

Facebook Decided To Limit Message Forwarding To Tackle Fake News

Usually, fake news leads to confusion, anger, or a waste of time. By forwarding a message containing various information about a particular thing, you should be sure it’s accurate. Also, if you can’t be sure about its accuracy, don’t send anything at all. As for the case of spamming with forwarded messages, Messenger will limit from now on to each user. So, they’ll get only five chances.

The message forwarding limiting feature in Facebook Messenger is currently under development. We should witness its implementation soon. No launch date has been announced, but as we saw the feature already running on WhatsApp, chances are to be launched in a few weeks.


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