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Facebook Messenger Rooms vs. Zoom vs. Google Meet – Specs, Availability, and More

Video calling apps play a very significant role in the lives of most of us, especially during the COVID-19 era, when it’s highly recommended to stay at home as much as possible. There are plenty of companies that offer such apps, and our goal today is to conclude which one is the best option. While a lot of people would place their bets on WhatsApp, we think that there are at least three video calling apps that can do the job better. In the last several months, video calling apps have experienced an increase in usage, and so we have three candidates for the title of the best app of such kind: Zoom, Google Meet, and the new Facebook Messenger Rooms.

Facebook Messenger Rooms vs. Zoom vs. Google Meet


Zoom has seen a tremendous increase in usage during the last several months, as more people started to video call each other during the coronavirus lockdown. To be more precise, Zoom is a business-grade videoconferencing app that offers both free and paid services towards the users. The meetings via Zoom can be of up to 100 participants.

You can use backgrounds around you while on a video call, you can share your screen anytime, and more. We believe Zoom is a good option, but it’s more suitable for business purposes rather than simple friendly calls.

Google Meet

Google couldn’t possibly fall short and not have a representative for this list. Although Google Meet was supposed to be available for businesses, Google will be rolling out a free version this month that can be a decent alternative to Zoom or even to Messenger Rooms.
Video calls from Google Meet can allow a maximum of 100 participants, and it offers plenty of useful features. We can mention screen sharing, live closed captions, and more.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

This app is free to use, and it’s not even mandatory to have a Facebook account for using it. Rooms can hold a maximum of 50 participants, and you can invite your friends to a call by a simple URL. If by some reason, you like to see animal characteristics at a person, this app can also do that for you. It lets users play around with AR effects for adding rabbit ears and whatnot. It’s clear that Facebook Messenger Rooms is more destined for friendly and accessible usage, being in contraposition with Zoom.

While it’s hard to give a decisive conclusion for which one of the three apps is the best, it all depends on what the user is aiming for. If you want a calling app for business purposes, Zoom is the right choice, despite the latest privacy issues. But if you want video calls just for fun, you should choose Facebook Messenger Rooms without hesitation.

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