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Facebook Messenger Lite Update is Available to Download

Facebook Messenger Lite is a stripped-down version of the regular Facebook Messenger communications app. Most of the core functionality of the regular app is there, but it comes with fewer features.

Overall, this version of the messaging platform sometimes receives new features well behind the original Facebook Messenger app. Back when the main Facebook app on Android had still lacked the dark mode, several apps that the company owns received the highly-requested mode. Now, Facebook, Facebook Lite, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, as well as WhatsApp have the dark mode, except for Facebook Messenger Lite. This probably means that the app is set to receive the mode soon.

Although the Lite version of Facebook has received the dark mode, the messaging app is yet to get it. Dark mode for Facebook Lite includes the entire app, from the feed to the profile to settings, and so on.

Facebook Messenger Lite’s Features

Facebook Messenger Lite allows users to do all the basic stuff one can do in the regular Messenger app. These include sending and receiving messages, voice messages, stickers, and also make and receive audio calls.

However, unlike Facebook Messenger, the Lite version doesn’t allow you to make or receive video calls, but that’s not a big deal, as per reports of Facebook Messenger Lite users. Another feature that the main communication app, as well as most other messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and so on, have is end-to-end encryption, which is a security functionality that is better to have than not as it keeps the conversation secure only between the two people. Also, the Lite version of the app doesn’t have the Secret Conversation feature either.

Facebook Messenger Lite is all about data saving, as it works great on weak connections all over the world. It also doesn’t have as many buttons as the regular Facebook Messenger, but that is why it is called Lite. It only comes with Home, Profile, and Contacts buttons, which makes it easier to find what you’re after quick.

Facebook Messenger Lite Update

The app has received a new update, Facebook Messenger Lite, that comes with the usual bug fixes and overall improvements in performance.


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