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Facebook Messenger Lite Beta Launched With Performance Improvements And Bug Fixes

More than ten years have passed since the first smartphones were released on the market, changing the lives of many people as they discovered features that wouldn’t have been possible on regular feature phones. Facebook Messenger represents the next level.

One of the most significant advantages was the decision to remove the classic physical keyboard in favor of a digital one, allowing manufacturers to offer large screens that were suitable for a lot of activities, including media consumption.

Another great boon stemmed from the fact that smartphones featured advanced web browsers that were more similar to their PC equivalents, offering more features. The fast adoption of smartphones is linked to the rise of popular social media networks, among which we can mention Facebook as the most popular one.

By the time when smartphones became widely available, Facebook was already a hit among many users thanks to a series of excellent features and a friendly user interface. The company anticipated that the smartphone will be successful and decided to release dedicated apps that offered access to its service seamlessly.

Facebook Messenger Lite Update Is Live With Novelties

While the classic Facebook Messenger app packs a lot of features, it also demands a fair amount of resources and may not work as well on some devices. To solve this issue, Facebook decided to release Facebook Messenger Lite, an optimized version that was designed from the ground up with performance in mind.

Facebook Messenger Lite can be installed almost instantly on most devices, and it will occupy less than 10MB of storage space. An advanced data saving protocol will limit the amount of mobile data consumed by the plan, allowing users to stay online longer without the need to worry about paying extra.

Many of the core features present in the default app are available. Users can message other Facebook users, see contacts who are online and send images or stickers with a few taps.

The Facebook Messenger Lite beta update comes with new bug fixes and performance improvements. The latest version is already available on the Google Play Store.


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