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Facebook Messenger Introduces Secret Conversations With Disappearing Messages

Instant messaging is now one of the most popular trends out there in the past few years. We have to choose from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram. The apps are among everybody’s favorites and have an end to end encryption which is a significant factor to secure your chats a lot. Recently, Facebook surprised us with its latest feature, the Secret Conversation.

The feature ensures that your messages disappear after they have been read. We’ve already known this concept from Telegram of automatically removing the messages.

Facebook Messenger Introduces Secret Conversation

Messenger now has a feature dubbed Secret Conversation. You can send messages that they’ll later be erased. It’s nice because you won’t need to download a separate app. It was developed in the Messenger.

There is, of course, a difference. You can’t write messages in the usual chats, because they’re differently encrypted. A separate chat panel was developed in Secret Conversations. You can also enjoy some new sleek options and customization settings.

Send Disappearing Messages in Secret Conversation

You can send encrypted messages on the Messenger app by following the next steps:

  • Access Google Play and choose to update the Messenger app;
  • Go to the user’s profile and tap on the name;
  • A chat panel will pop-up, and you can start typing the message there;
  • The messages will automatically disappear in the period you have set in the timer;

As you can see, Secret Conversation is not a big deal at all. The settings are easy to understand and follow. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you start your Secret Conversation experience. It is a very secure process, too. You don’t have to think about any safety problems. Secret Conversation’s main option of encryption is also beneficial along with the disappearing messages in Facebook Messenger, right after you read them.


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