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Facebook Messenger Beta Update is Now Available to Download

Facebook Messenger, the original messaging app that initially was part of the popular social media platform Facebook, is now one of the most used apps for communication by people all over the world.

 Now Available as App on Desktop

The platform has just a few days ago also launched its own desktop app, which makes it easier to message and video chat with people from a computer. Until now, the app has only been available to mobile devices running either Android or iOS and on the web.

Facebook Messenger is now accessible on the Microsoft Store and Mac App Store as well, and it allows users to message friends and start video calls, just like on the mobile and web variants. It also comes with a dark mode, which Facebook has been releasing as one of the latest features incorporated with the desktop’s redesign.

The release of an independent desktop app for Facebook Messenger has been rumored since a while back and was expected to come, with strong clues that the social media giant Facebook was developing the app as early as 2016. Facebook later released a desktop app for Workplace, its partnering tool, back in 2017, but it did not announce Facebook Messenger for desktop until the end of last year.

The social media network’s Messenger desktop app joins the growing group of videoconferencing apps such as Zoom, which is now facing backlash because of its privacy and security issues. These tools are now incredibly important amid coronavirus lockdowns.

Facebook Messenger Beta Update

The messaging app receives regular updates, and the latest one is meant for the beta version, which can be accessed if you’re a registered beta developer. The roll-out, Facebook Messenger beta update, is now available with the latest features. This version comes with several bug fixes and performance improvements.

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