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Facebook Messenger Update is Available With Bug Fixes and Improvements

Facebook Messenger​, the official messaging platform owned and initially attached to Facebook, boasts more than 1.3 billion active users per month. The application is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, in spite of the recent controversial issues in which Facebook has been involved.

Even from its early days, Facebook has managed to offer features that hooked people and made it a better social media platform option in comparison to other services. New features kept coming, appealing to people, and attracting new users.

Facebook Messenger​’s Features

The messaging app from Facebook packs numerous great features, with the most popular being the Instant Games and Bot Stores options. Facebook Messenger​ has, similar to the most popular messaging app in the world, WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption, which keeps the conversations between users safe and protected. The app also has the famous Secret Conversation feature, which enables users to communicate through a chat that automatically deletes messages after a certain time.

Facebook Messenger​ users can enjoy the possibility to send and receive text messages with no need to ask for phone numbers. The app also makes it feasible to message other Facebook users even if they are not connected with you as friends. This option can be rather useful when you want to contact someone.

The messaging app also allows users to make and receive calls, which are, obviously, free. Facebook Messenger​ offers both voice and video call options and only requires you to be connected to a Wi-Fi network or mobile data. The app also provides users with the possibility to send Voice Messages, which is a quite useful option when you’re on the go and cannot text.

Facebook Messenger Update

The developers update Facebook Messenger​ at a regular pace in order to make it better for users. The latest release for the app, Facebook Messenger​ update​, doesn’t feature any new additions but comes with several bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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