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Facebook Messenger Update Makes it Easier to Connect With Businesses

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world, in spite of the numerous privacy issues and leaks to third-parties the company is guilty of. Its messaging application, Facebook Messenger, is also among the most used chatting platforms out there, by both Android and iOS devices users. Not long ago, Facebook Messenger has received a new update that enhances the business side of the app.

The app was first released with all the features of the Facebook version based on the web. Ultimately, Facebook split the app into two different services, and Facebook Messenger ​is now available to use without people necessarily having to create a Facebook account. The app is now a standalone messaging platform that is used by millions of people.

They are, though, somewhat connected, so you’ll always be able to keep in touch with your friends.

Facebook Messenger ​- Key Features

Here are some of the most highlighted features the application provides for its users.

A Messaging System – Allows you to send messages for free, across devices, just connected to an Internet network
•​ Dark Mode – The Dark Mode feature is a great new look that enables you to change the background from white to black
•​ Thousands of Reactions – You can easily add a sticker, send a GIF and use emojis to better express yourself
•​ Share Images and Videos – Get a photo with the Messenger Camera, add it a filter or doodle, and send it to your contacts or share it to Stories
​ Call or Video Chat – You can easily make a call or a get group video chat from anywhere on the globe
•​ Share Your Location – It is now easy to share your location with friends, business partners, and others
•​ Chat with Businesses – Connect with thousands of businesses to make reservations, get customer support and more

Facebook Messenger Update

The application receives regular updates in order to keep it up with the trends and improve it. The latest release, Facebook Messenger update, is focusing on more ‘contextual methods to connect to businesses, such as the search feature and advertising surfaces,’ the official description says.


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