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Facebook Lite Beta Available to Download

It is well-known that Facebook is the undisputed king of the social media platforms, with more than 2.4 billion active accounts and millions of active users each month. The popular platform is owned by the company with the same name, which is also the owner of other famous services among which we can count WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook has become a hit among users thanks to a wealth of features and the fact that any person with a valid email account or mobile phone number can join the service in a few minutes. All the features are available for free, and the company earns money by offering targeted advertisements to users.

Unlike other social networks which were popular in the past Facebook anticipated the rise of smartphones as a popular alternative to laptops and desktop computers. The company decided to release a dedicated app version of the surface, which offered more features in comparison to the browser equivalent.

The Facebook app has remained one of the most popular apps in the world, but there is a small problem: it doesn’t work so well on older smartphones since it can be quite demanding. To tackle this issue, Facebook decided to release Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite was built from the ground up with performance and speed in mind. Here are some of the features offered by the app:


Facebook Lite requires 10MB of free memory space for installation, which is great if your device doesn’t feature a large amount of built-in memory space.

Many features

The streamlined app retains many of the features which made the bigger app popular. Users can share posts and interact with content shared by friends, receive notifications about the latest events, can find local events and organize meetings, and much more.

Fast and efficient

By using a minimal amount of data Facebook Lite can work well even in areas where signal coverage is weak or irregular.

The latest update, beta, comes with stability improvements and bug fixes.


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