Facebook Launches New iOS Messenger App – Here Are The Improvements

It’s been revealed that Facebook was working on launching a rebuilt Messenger app for iOS with a new design that is focused on simplicity.

Now, 9to5mac revealed that the social media giant eventually launched the new iOS Messenger official and said that it’s twice as faster as the previous version, and the app size is just 1/4 of the version that people used before.

The online publication mentioned above noted that they managed to get a look at the two-tab design of the more straightforward app for iOS over this past weekend.

They noted that it features Chat and People in the bottom bar, and there’s no Discover tab anymore. This will make it much easier to navigate the app and find what you need in there.

It’s been also reported that the Stories are shown in a much larger tile view, and they are found in the new tab that’s under People.

A faster, simpler and smaller app 

The online publication also quotes official notes that state the following words:

“On the heels of Messenger 4, we started a journey to simplify and redesign Messenger, internally called Project LightSpeed, and now we’ve rebuilt the iOS app from the ground up. Starting today, we are rolling out a faster, smaller, and simpler Messenger on iOS over the next few weeks. Messenger will load twice as fast* and will be one-fourth its original size.”

It’s been reported that Facebook detailed all the important info about the revamped app in a press release.

It seems that the social media giant simplified the code by 85% going from 1.7 million lines of code to only 360,000.

Also, the two most important benefits aside from the simplified design are the fact that the application is now loading twice as fast compared to the previous version, and it’s 75% smaller.

We recommend that you check out the complete press release in order to learn all the details about the app.

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