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Facebook Has Started The Beta Testing of a New Design

Facebook, the most popular social media platform in the world, has recently announced a beta testing phase of its new design. The revamped interface looks simple, obviously, and more modern.

The company has invited a limited number of users to test our the brand new design and, in exchange, offer their most sincere feedback. The invitation has allegedly been sent our at random, and there is no speed-track method available for users to switch to the brand new design.

Facebook​’s revamped interface also comes with an option that enables users to choose between white and dark mode. Some users who tried to implement the new design, but they reported that the Chrome browser crashed, displaying the message ‘Page Unresponsive.’ The revamped design is pretty noticeable when compared to the old one, and seems to be inspired by Twitter’s new web design. The layout of all the elements remains the same, but everything gets bolder and bigger than before.

Facebook Has Had a Hard Year

The app has been through perhaps the most tumultuous 12 months in the company’s history the previous year. It is still working to address fears raised by the Cambridge Analytica scandal as the United States head into the next Presidential Election period and has also recently been negotiating the conditions of its crypto payments option.

That has been made by clasping its data access processes, convincing media organizations to trust in its new specific news platform, and developing ways to connect the future billion users of its app.

​There is always something and a lot happening at Facebook headquarters, and the experts’ predictions for this year are rather realizable, considering all the efforts the company puts out. The most noticeable prediction addresses eCommerce, which will allegedly be the main focus for Facebook in monetizing the platform’s popularity. The integration of AI and AR could also be another element of the shift Facebook will take this year.


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