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Facebook Has Cut the Price of the Oculus Go Headset

The Oculus Go is one of the most reasonable-priced VR headsets out there, but now it is even more affordable. Facebook has now permanently cut the price of the device, with the 32GB model being reduced to $149 and the 64GB version to $199.

“Oculus Go is now priced at $149, which is equal to a $50 price drop,” the company tells UploadVR. “We are applying comparable discounts across all countries where Go is sold. Updated pricing is rolling out to all channels.”

The Oculus Go is produced by Xiaomi and marked Facebook’s attempts to design a more affordable, entry-level headset that could support 360-degree video and other fundamental VR content without depending on a mobile phone.

With a Snapdragon 821 chipset and lacking read hand or hand tracking, the headset provided users with a comparable experience to solutions based on a smartphone, such as Samsung’s Gear VR and Google’s Daydream.

Oculus Go Packs Basic Specs

The thing in the Oculus Go’s advantage is that it is a standalone gadget. It packs built-in speakers and provides three degrees of freedom tracking (3DoF) for the headset, as well as a controller on the remote side.

In comparison, the Oculus Quest is also an independent headset, but it features more powerful hardware and more developed tracking capacities, namely 6DoF. Not long ago, Facebook updated the Oculus Quest to support a PC connection cable for playing common Rift games.

Here are a few of the Oculus Go key features:

• Single 5.5-inch LCD display
• 2560×1440 resolution (1280×1440 per eye), 538 PPI
• 60-72Hz refresh rate
• ~100-degree field of view
• Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor
• 32GB/64GB storage
• 2,600mAh battery

Phone-based VR has somehow reached an impasse, though. Even though the Oculus Go has a quite decent content library, it is rather difficult to recommend in 2020 unless your requirements are basic, because this is not going to function for a game like Half-Life: Alyx.

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