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Facebook Gaming Launched As A Competitor For Twitch And YouTube

Facebook is experiencing an increased demand for its services after the social distancing measures taken by the government. Therefore, the officials have announced an upcoming launch of a dedicated mobile app that helps people cope with the lockdown period. The app is called Facebook Gaming and is providing users with the option to either watch or create live gameplay.

The app has already managed to earn the trust of the customers, being more appreciated than giants such as Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. The launch of the gaming platform was reported by The New York Times and is now backed up by CNBC.

For over the past year and a half, people from Latin America and Southeast Asia have been able to test the features of this app. It was stated that it offers a similar gaming experience to the one featured on the Gaming tab of the Facebook app. The users are offered the possibility to stream their game life or to watch other gamers streaming their performance instead.

More about the new Facebook Gaming

The Facebook Gaming application will also be equipped with an option called “Go Live,” which will enable users to broadcast in real-time directly from their device on their Facebook profile. This would be highly appreciated by users since, until now, apps like Twitch would have requested the help of a third-party app to do the same thing.

At the moment, the company has decided to leave ads aside, and the monetization option is still undergoing some changes. For now, the users will be allowed to make one time payments, but this is likely to change shortly.

In addition to this, only the Android users will be able to access the new Facebook Gaming application, while the iOS version is still under tests. The company’s primary objective is getting more interest in its gaming content, especially given the increased attention they are receiving now.

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